Fire and Gas Detection

Working with leading hardware manufacturer Autronica Fire and Security, Satcom Global provides a range of interactive and integrated fire and gas detection systems for small to medium maritime applications, right up to large and complex oil rigs and other offshore installations.

Our reliable detection equipment meets industry standards and requirements, and contributes to maximising safety in marine and offshore environments.

Intelligent fire and gas detection systems with sensors and alarms, and integrated safety and emergency management systems, ensure full control and visibility of an emergency situation giving you a head start. In the event of a fire related emergency, rely on our water mist, gaseous and foam based fire suppression systems to handle the situation effectively and protect valuable areas such as accommodation, engine rooms and machinery spaces.

For further information about our fire and gas detection products and which model our marine experts would recommend for your vessel, site or offshore installation, please contact [email protected]

Fire and Gas Detection

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