Autroprime from Autronica Fire and Security is an interactive fire detection system for small to medium sized maritime applications.

It combines simplicity of use, quality and extensive functionality in one cost effective integrated fire detection system. Pre-configured before installation, the control panel is set up to automatically recognize fire detectors and other loop units deployed across the vessel.

Although fully functional after just a few minutes in standard installations, the Satcom Global team is equipped to provide any further site specific configuration required to meet customer needs.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact [email protected]

  • Brings simplicity, quality and extensive functionality in one integrated system
  • SelfVerify detectors perform a test every 24 hours ensuring the system is operating safely
  • Automated maintenance and calibration saves time and money
  • Quick troubleshooting with problems pinpointed to an exact location within the system
  • Can be integrated into other applications
  • Easy installation and commissioning – full functionality available from initial installation
  • Presents an ideal system for the merchant shipping market
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