Omicron Gas Sampling System – Type OGS 3.1

OGS 3.1

OGS 3.1 is an advanced gas sampling system for any kind of tanker with special requirements. 

The system uses a scanning method to continuously monitor and evaluate samples, checking for gas malfunctions including leakage. The operator panel has an LCD display and individual LEDs that indicate each measuring point status.

OGS 3.1 has been developed to meet IMO rules and regulations.

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  • Sensors include; infrared hydrocarbon sensors, various toxic sensors, paramagnetic and FTIR sensors
  • Multigas analyzing; up to 3 different gas sensors simultaneously
  • Low and high gas alarms
  • Flame arrestor and shut off valve for sampling tubes
  • Auto and sequential purging of sampling tubes
  • Extensive hardware and software system monitoring
  • Eex version for sampling system for hazardous area installation
  • Special design for materials required for extreme gasses
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