Omicron Vapour Alarm System – Type OVS 2.1

OVS 2.1

Vapour Alarm System OVS 2.1 OP monitors the oxygen content and pressure in waste vapour lines during the loading of tank vessels.

The system consists of a deck mounted detector cabinet with Eex ia approved oxygen and pressure sensors, flow fail initiator, manifold selector, and test and purge facility.

OVS 2.1 OP has been developed to meet IMO rules and regulations.

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  • Alarm cabinet with LED displays and alarm status LEDs
  • Oxygen sensor checks for low or no flow
  • Zener barriers included for all sensors
  • Potential free output relay contacts for power failure, system failure and common alarm
  • Detector cabinet with sensors for deck mounting
  • Electro-chemical oxygen sensor, Eex ia approved
  • Capacitive ceramic pressure sensor(s) in stainless steel, Eex ia approved
  • Shut off valve on all input tubes and all fitting included
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