Omicron Level Alarm System - Type AOS 5


The Autronica Omicron Level Alarm System AOS 5 is a complete level alarm system which works as an independent overfill system, or a high level and overfill system for tankers.

The system comes complete with single or dual point magnetic float type sensors, plus alarm cabinet with alarm panel.

Easy to install, the Omicron Level Alarm System OAS 5 comes with a two year guarantee, meets IMO rules and classifications, and covers a wide range of vessel types including LNG, LPG, Chem, CT and PT.

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  • Special models available for LNG/LPG models
  • Complete unit in stainless steel
  • Can handle high pressure, low density and high temp
  • Same alarm point for different cargo densities
  • Fail to safe operation


Alarm Cabinet and Alarm Panel

  • Intrinsically safe connections to sensors
  • Can be delivered for single or dual point sensors
  • Can be mounted in a cabinet or common console
  • Potential free contacts for external alarm light or horn
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