Value added service IPSignature 4 Communications Management

IPSignature 4

IPSignature 4 is an innovative multi-function solution from Satcom Global, which provides centralised control of vessel network connections and communications over satellite, offering simplicity and control for the fleet manager, with easy to use interfaces, simple language and intuitive graphics. Vessel owners and managers are also given the flexibility to recover data costs from crew by charging for use where cost reduction is a priority. 

On a technical level, firewalls can be managed remotely, IT managers can access integral netflow monitoring reports and manage users and settings via a shoreside portal for full visibility. The clever dual board design ensures reliability of the device and ‘out of band management’ provides satellite failover.  Users have access to cost effective voice services for business use and crew calling and BYOD access to data services.

Please visit our IPSignature4 product page for further information including features, benefits for different users and technical specification.

Please visit our resources page to download the IPSignature 4 product sheet for quick reference to all features!

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