Value added service IPSignature

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The leading communications solution for the management and control of data used over satellite.

Logging in provides access to a communications hub, housed within a complete locked-down environment, enabling the accounting and control of every byte of data used in applications such as email, instant messaging and web browsing.

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  • Access to authorised web-based services
  • Complete control of remote communications
  • User-specific permissions, settings and analysis of data movements
  • Pre-paid for crew use and post-paid for business use
  • Firewall, email and web filters
  • Email compression and acceleration, instant messaging and optimised file transfer
  • Applications include; email, SMS, instant messaging, web browsing, e/NOAD form management, anti-virus management and crew top-up facility
  • Accurate monitoring of usage and spend
  • Increased visibility and control of service use by individual users
  • Reduces data volumes passed via the satellite
  • Cost savings via intelligent data transfer technologies
  • Quota system for post-pay billing to ensure use within reasonable limits
  • Increased security reducing improper use
  • Increased efficiency with email transfers taking place in the background

Customer Web Portal Features

  • Email filtering and spam controls
  • Web proxies
  • Adding/deleting vessels
  • Vessel user permissions
  • Automatic file transfers
  • Usage alert and suspend function

For more information, please download our IPSignature product sheet from our Resources page