Value added service Data Management and Control

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We’re the first to admit that communicating by satellite does not come cheap. At Satcom Global, however, we ensure that you get the most out of the airtime you buy, by providing you with the tools to manage your communications and use your airtime efficiently.

Our in-house developed software for data communications provides a secure environment where all users are strictly controlled, the latest in compression technology is applied and data is transferred in an intelligent and efficient manner.

We also provide the ability to manage your own communications by being able to view the status and balance of your SIM cards, top up your own allowances and activate/deactivate your own services. The control is all yours.

If you’re not as ‘hands on’, and want us to help manage things for you, that’s fine too. Just Ask.

Find out more about our tools for control and managing data below.

Our tools for data management & control: