IPSignature 4

IPSignature 4

IPSignature 4 is our communications management solution that puts our customers and support team firmly in control of vessel communications, offering full network visibility and management. Sitting at the heart of our  Aura VSAT service, IPSignature 4 monitors service quality and performance in the background too, managing issues independently when required.

In addition to monitoring and management, IPSignature 4 provides a truly independent crew WiFi hotspot enabling separate and fully optimized communications for business and crew, as well as access to high quality, low cost voice.

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  • Customer control panel for communications management
  • Web filtering controls
  • Proxy data compression
  • QoS management and bandwidth shaping
  • Firewall management and control
  • Crew hotspot enabling separate management and set up of crew communications
  • BYOD access for crew
  • Low cost crew calling
  • Ability to create crew data pins to gift or recharge to crew
  • Failover capability with automatic satellite service switching
  • Alerts are proactively sent to technical support to advise of issues
  • Enhanced troubleshooting capability and high visibility of vessel networks
  • Hardware has a dual board design providing failover


  • Control - putting customers and our support team firmly in control of vessel communications.
  • Management – enabling separate management of both business and crew communications in our customer control panel.
  • Visibility – customers can enjoy full visibility of vessel networks and fleet communications.
  • Monitoring - in the background, service quality and performance are pro-actively monitored and managed.
  • BYOD – our crew hotspot enables a true Wi-Fi environment enabling the use of own devices in private

We have a range of resources available highlightimng the features and benefits of IPSignature 4, which you can access via the links below or via our Resources page:

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IPSignature 4 - Background Monitoring, Support and Failover

IPSignature 4 - Onboard Wi-Fi

IPSignature 4 - Cyber Security 

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