Furuno ECDIS and INS


Furuno’s series of Electronic Chart Display & Information System’s (ECDIS) are state of the art solutions for merchant ships and work boats, offering fast and intuitive route planning and navigation monitoring for safe and efficient voyages.

The IMO regulation compliant computer-based navigation information systems offer a smooth transition from paper-based navigation to electronic navigation, and are available as multi-function workstations with seamless display of Radar/Chart Radar, ECDIS, Conning and Alert Management System data.

For further information about ECDIS and INS products, and which model our marine experts would recommend for your vessel, please contact [email protected]

  • ECDIS  FMD-3200, FMD-3300
  • ECDIS  FMD-3100
  • ECDIS  FEA-2107, FEA-2807, FEA-2107BB
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