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24th September 2015

Satcom Global launches IPSignature 4 with crew calling and BYOD connectivity

Satcom Global has launched a maritime system bringing seafarers up to speed with today’s ‘connect anytime anywhere’ culture, enabling everyone at sea to keep in touch with the rest of the world simply with their own device.

The latest addition to Satcom Global’s product portfolio offers ‘Bring Your Own Device’ technology to vessels at sea, where crew can access web-based services via internet café hotspots through their own Apple, Android and Windows, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

With the growing demand for technology and communications on board, the satellite communications world is offering bigger data plans and flexible benefits to meet needs of crew, ship managers and owners. With IPSignature 4, captain and crew will be able to make more use of large data allowances, being able to utilise it for cost effective voice calling. Later this year crew will also be able to make cheap phone calls at the touch of a button on their phone, tablet or laptop, through an easy to use App.

For use with a range of satellite communications services including Inmarsat FleetBroadband and VSAT, IPSignature 4 can be a tool for improving crew welfare to boost crew retention, as well as a solution to increase business efficiency. The innovative multi-function device provides centralised control of vessel network connections and communications over satellite, offering simplicity and control for the fleet manager, with easy to use interfaces, simple language and intuitive graphics. Vessel owners and managers are also given the flexibility to recover data costs from crew by charging for use where cost reduction is a priority.

On a technical level, firewalls can be managed remotely, IT managers can access integral netflow monitoring reports and manage users and settings via a shoreside portal for full visibility. The clever dual board design ensures reliability of the device and ‘out of band management’ provides satellite failover.

Ian Robinson, CEO, said, “We’ve listened to what our customers want and have developed a device that ticks all the boxes with regard to what is required from both business and crew perspectives. IPSignature 4 provides managers with a reliable and secure tool for managing vessel communications including VSAT, a means of better utilising plentiful data allowances with low cost crew  calling capability and providing Wi-Fi accessibility for crew.”

IPSignature 4 builds on the success of the popular IPSignature software for email and web-based services.  It perfectly complements Satcom Global’s range of in-house developed value added solutions including GlobalNet for provisioning management and Encapsule8 for detailed reporting, providing a full portfolio of communications management tools for all vessel needs.

There is more information available on features and benefits of IPSignature 4 on the dedicated product page, or in our resources section. To find out how it can help support your business, please speak to one of our friendly experts in your region.

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IPSignature 4
IPSignature 4 provides managers a means of better utilising plentiful data allowances with low cost crew calling capability and providing Wi-Fi accessibility for crew."
Ian Robinson, CEO