Thuraya SeaStar

Thuraya SeaStar

An innovative circuit switched voice terminal bringing accessibility to maritime communications, the Thuraya SeaStar was designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern fishing market. The affordable  terminal provides, voice, sms, light data and tracking, and is ideal for smaller and regional owner operator fishing vessels as well as larger vessels looking for a support or back-up system. 

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  • Enhanced voice services – CLIP, network function and link to circuit switch phone
  • GmPRS data services -  60Kbps/15Kbps(Download/Upload)
  • SMS – Up to 160 characters to and from the terminal
  • Configurable to support tracking and monitoring services
  • Omni-directional active antenna with built in GPS
  • One alert button – triggers emergency alert SMS
  • Coverage across major shipping routes of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • Data services - GmPRS  60Kbps/15Kbps (Download/Upload)
  • ADU Dimensions – 164 x 170 (mm)
  • ADU Weight – 1.1 kg
  • BDU Dimensions – 85 x 205 x 210 (mm)
  • BDU Weight – 1.2 kg

For more information, please download our Thuraya SeaStar product sheet from our Resources page

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