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23rd June 2015

Which Inmarsat BGAN terminal will meet your demands?

Stay connected wherever you are on the planet with Inmarsat’s award-winning land service, BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) which is accessed through a range of fixed, portable and vehicular terminals. BGAN provides simultaneous and reliable voice and broadband data, and is therefore the service of choice for many people working in remote areas that have little or no terrestrial connectivity.

At Satcom Global we have a varied portfolio of terminals providing IP communications over Inmarsat’s BGAN satellite service, and we like to work closely with our customers and our partners to ensure we can provide a tailored solution to fit their needs. Our customers from individual explorers, to remote businesses and emergency services, have different requirements for their technology, and some require access to unique business applications in the field, and these specifications are what drives the decision making process as to which terminal brings the most benefits for your situation.

Three of the top hardware manufacturers in the satellite communications market today are Cobham, AddValue and Hughes, and they offer a wide range of satellite terminals for different land-based scenarios. As a satellite solutions provider, we are passionate about providing a personalised service so would always encourage our customers to contact our friendly sales team in their region to discuss their options. However, we also want to share our knowledge and showcase our portfolio, therefore we have developed the below summary guiding you through the basic differences between our top BGAN terminals, which we hope will help you to determine which options you should be considering to suit your specific requirements.


The AddValue Safari, Explorer 325 and Explorer 727 are proven and reliable vehicular BGAN terminals providing the ideal solution for those requiring satellite communications on the move including data, voice and SMS. Terminals can be permanently or magnetically mounted to vehicles and are popular with first responders, emergency services, military and defence, as well as businesses with transportation vehicles and vehicles operating around oil and gas fields. Standard IP speeds for the terminals range from 432kbps to 464kbps, and streaming IP speeds range from 128kbps to 256kbps, with the Explorer 727 capable of  <450kbps with BGAN X-Stream.


The original series of BGAN terminals from Cobham including the Explorer 300, 500 and 700, as well as the Hughes 9201 are now reaching End of Life, leaving the Hughes 9202 as an option for those requiring moderate data requirements with Standard IP speeds up to 464kbps, and streaming IP speeds up to 128kbps. In addition, the recently released Explorer 510 from Cobham offers the same speeds, but with the added benefits of being the smallest BGAN terminal on the market today, as well as offering wireless connectivity through the innovative EXPLORER ConnectApp, allowing users to use their own smart devices to make calls and access the internet over satellite.

Portable High Data Rate Streaming

The market for compact and portable BGAN terminals has changed significantly in the last 12 months, and the discontinuation of the earlier BGAN terminals reflects the huge changes in satellite service capabilities following the release of Inmarsat’s revolutionary BGAN HDR streaming service.  With the new BGAN HDR service offering unprecedented data speeds of up to 800kbps, a series of new generation terminals have made their way onto the market including Explorer 710 and Hughes 9211. These compact terminals offer live video streaming capabilities making them a desirable solution for media and broadcasting organisations. 

Fixed Location

BGAN Link is a fixed satellite communications solution, providing high volumes of data for those working in a specific location for a sustained period of time such as a remote office which can be set up quickly and easily with plug and play BGAN terminal. The flexible and affordable solutions provides access to a range of workplace applications such as email, web browsing and VPN, with just a fixed monthly subscription and an option for unlimited data for a flat fee provides always available data with none of the worry about high usage bills.

Our friendly sales teams positioned strategically around the world, are on standby now for your questions and enquiries about the land based satellite communications products. Please also take a look at our BGAN Comparison Guide available on our Resources page, which at a glance, allows you to measure our top selling BGAN terminals side by side to evaluate their different features. 

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