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23rd May 2022

Upgrade your vessel bandwidth instantly, with just the click of a button

Increase your bandwidth with immediate effect via our online portal!

Satcom Global AuraNow is the only maritime VSAT solution allowing vessel managers and owners to perform an instant upgrade to their bandwidth.
By simply clicking the 'Perform and immediate upgrade' button in the AuraNow customer portal, vessel and fleet managers can give their vessels access to greater bandwidth within minutes. 
What else does the AuraNow portal offer?
The easy-to-use AuraNow customer portal enables you to make any required connectivity changes quickly, eliminating lead times associated with liaising with support teams.
A one-stop-shop giving you direct access to manage to your vessel and fleet communications, the AuraNow portal enables:
  • Bandwidth on demand – the ability to instantly upgrade your bandwidth, or schedule package changes including downgrading and suspending your bandwidth for as long as you need.
  • Data usage reporting with detailed metrics, giving you the breakdown of how data is being consumed.
  • Live network performance statistics showing service uptime and speeds.
  • Live vessel location tracking, wave heights and weather conditions with Ku-band coverage overlay, to give you the visibility of your vessels whereabouts and it's proximity to satellite beams.
  • Records of invoice and package change history to put accurate information at the finger tips of decision makers.


Read more about AuraNow maritime VSAT on our microsite.

To request a live demo of the customer portal, please contact [email protected] 



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