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22nd August 2016

Trade-In your SAILOR 3606E Terminal and Receive $500 Credit

Customers with a SAILOR 3606E message terminal will receive a $500 credit when they trade it in for a SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS system from Satcom Global.

The SAILOR 3606E which entered ‘end of life’ a number of years ago is gradually becoming unsupportable due to replacement parts becoming obsolete.  Although Cobham SATCOM is assisting with service and repair issues where possible, they can no longer guarantee repair. We therefore recommend any customers experiencing problems with their SAILOR 3606E equipment to contact us regarding a replacement maritime safety system.

In order to receive the $500 trade-in credit, customers must return their defective SAILOR 3606E terminal to Satcom Global and arrange replacement with new SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS system.*

The SAILOR 6110 mini-C is a true next generation GMDSS solution. Building on the strong foundation of previous SAILOR GMDSS products, it introduces innovative new features and functionality, including touch screen operation through the cutting-edge SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal and an all new approach to installation and networking. 

For more information on the trade-in offer above or to discuss maritime safety systems, please contact [email protected]

*Terms and conditions apply.  The credit is subject to one per SAILOR 3606E terminal trade-in, taking a new SAILOR 6110 GMDSS system (part number: 406110A-005xx). The $500 will be passed to the customer in a retrospective credit from Satcom Global on receiving the funds from Cobham SATCOM. This offer is available until 30th June 2017, and is subject to change at any time.

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