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2nd January 2018

Thuraya Satellite Phone Update: Promotions and Price Changes

With 2017 coming to an end and the New Year approaching, Thuraya has made some announcements about changes in pricing as well as promotional offers to their portfolio or handheld satellite phones. As well as changes to the handled plan prices, new pre-pay backup sims are now available and, Satcom Global are also delighted to share a limited time offer with our customers bringing 25% extra credit to pre-pay top ups.

Below is a summary highlighting the current and upcoming promotions and price changes for Thuraya satellite phones including the Thuraya XT-PRO, Thuraya XT-LITE and the Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL.

25% Bonus Top-up with Thuraya Prepay

We are delighted to announce a special promotion from Thuraya which provides 25% extra credit on prepay top-ups until 28th February 2018.

To take advantage of the extra credit on your next top-up, simply purchase your 50 unit or 160 unit card from our GlobalNet portal and then either:

  • Send PIN#bonus to 150 when recharging, or,
  • Use the Thuraya online prepaid refilling system, or,
  • Recharge through GlobalNet

*Please note that Terms and Conditions apply. The special offer top up credit is valid for 30 days only. This offer is available with 50 unit and 160 unit cards from Satcom Global, which must be added to prepay accounts by 28th February 2018. Satcom Global reserves the right to change this offer at any time.

Changes to Thuraya Postpay Plus and Postpay Nova Plans

Taking effect on 1st February 2018, Thuraya is making a change to its Postpay Plus and Postpay Nova handheld plans, adding a $5 usage allowance each month. In line with the new allowance, the monthly subscription fees will also incur a small increase.  This change applies to both existing customers and new activations.

If you have a Postpay Plus or Postpay Nova account with us, your account manager can assist you with your new rates. 

Thuraya Prepay Back-up SIM

Thuraya has released a new Thuraya Prepay Back-up SIM preloaded with $10 credit for voice, SMS, GmPRS. Additional credit can be topped up with refill cards, and the sim is valid for five years, after which it can be renewed for another five years with $10 credit.  The new Thuraya prepay back-up SIM is available now.


Combined with the different pricing plans and promotions on offer, our portfolio of satellite phones from Thuraya caters for a variety of users in different scenarios with different budgets. The Thuraya XT-LITE provides reliable satellite phone connectivity with unbeatable value through an easy to use handset, whereas the Thuraya XT-PRO is the world’s most advanced satellite phone built on the high-quality standards of the Thuraya XT with an enhanced design for professional users. The latest addition to the product range, the Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL, is the first satellite phone in the world to offer a dual mode, enabling it to be used simultaneously as a regular phone on GSM networks and as a satellite phone. 

For more information on these Thuraya handheld price changes and promotions, please contact your Satcom Global Account Manager or email Just Ask.

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