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16th December 2014

Thuraya Launches Affordable and Reliable XT-LITE Satellite Phone

Satcom Global is delighted to announce the launch of the  Thuraya XT-LITE, a scaled down version of the highly successful Thuraya XT.

The Thuraya XT-LITE is an easy-to-use yet highly reliable and affordable satellite phone, designed for cost-conscious users who need to stay securely connected, without compromising on a clear and uninterrupted connection. Make phone calls and send SMS messages in satellite mode whether you are crossing the desert, sailing at sea or climbing mountains.

Thuraya XT-LITE product overview:

  • Calls and text messages in satellite mode
  • The best-value satellite phone in the market
  • Long battery lifetime for reliable communications
  • Built upon the high-quality standards and attributes of Thuraya XT
  • Walk-and-talk capability for maximum flexibility in satellite mode
  • Works with all existing Land Voice plans.

Thuraya XT-LITE is aimed at users that require mainly calls and SMSs in satellite mode:

  • Leisure communications
  • Small enterprise communications
  • Traders
  • Fishermen
  • Backup for disaster situations

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Thuraya XT-LITE