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18th August 2021

Take direct control of your VSAT connectivity with Satcom Global AuraNow

With its dedicated customer portal, AuraNow is the first maritime VSAT solution of its kind, empowering vessel and fleet managers to control their communications on-demand.  Through the easy-to-use portal, customers can monitor their communications and make changes at the touch of a button to support varying data requirements.

This one-stop-shop enables direct access to our communications management platform in order to make any required connectivity changes quickly, eliminating lead times associated with liaising with support teams. A true industry first, AuraNow empowers customers to buy higher bandwidth when it is needed and suspend services if required, without penalty, enjoying a truly superior high-performance service whilst saving money.

The dedicated portal enables:

  • Bandwidth on demand – the ability to make direct package changes including upgrading, downgrading and suspending bandwidth without penalty.
  • Data usage reporting with detailed metrics, giving users a breakdown of how data is being consumed.
  • Live network performance statistics showing service uptime and speeds.
  • Live vessel location tracking with sea conditions, wave height, and weather conditions overlayed with Ku-band coverage, giving visibility of vessel whereabouts and proximity to satellite beams.
  • Records of invoice and package change history to put accurate information at decision makers’ finger tips.


AuraNow puts the power back in the hands of vessel managers and ship owners, offering true service optimisation with cost savings. With the ability to manage VSAT communications at the touch of a button, avoid overbuying bandwidth ahead of time to accommodate occasional spikes in demand, and only pay for the temporary increase in bandwidth on days that it is required.

Visit our AuraNow microsite to find out more about our dedicated customer portal, and use our Get in Touch page to book a live customer portal demonstration with our team today.

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AuraNow VSAT Portal