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2nd February 2017

Supporting Lisa Blair’s epic adventure with maritime satellite communications for her yacht

Satcom Global is proud to be supporting Lisa Blair as she attempts to become the first female to circumnavigate Antarctica solo on her boat ‘Climate Action Now,’ raising awareness of the effects of climate change.

On 22nd January, over 10 days ago, Lisa set sail on her three month journey from Albany, Western Australia, and so far has faced a broken bunk, sea sickness, sleep deprivation, as well as strong weather as she pursues her goals. All these challenges highlight the importance of her shore-based support crew at the National Maritime College, who keep track of all of Lisa’s movements and are providing frequent voyage updates on her website.

In order to communicate with those back on shore, whilst travelling the Indian Ocean, Satcom Global has provided Lisa with an Inmarsat Fleet One terminal which is the maritime communications solution of choice for small vessels requiring voice and data at sea. Satcom Global has also provided Lisa with an Iridium GO! which offers a satellite hotspot for voice calling, sms and light data services with truly global coverage extending to Antarctica. Lisa is using both these methods of communication to stay in touch with those on shore both for her own safety, her record attempt and for her welfare.

Lisa is sending SMS to her mum regularly, as well as emailing her blog to be uploaded every day to update followers and fans on how she is progressing. Lisa often details any work she is doing on the boat, such as maintenance and repairs, as well what she is eating and her sleep patterns, all of which is vital information reporting back to her team on shore in charge of her welfare.

A recent blog also allowed Lisa to share her excitement with her fans as she sailed alongside a pod of killer whales before she headed south to get in position for the bottom of Tasmania and New Zealand and make her way to down to 50 S. 

For more information on the Iridium Go! and the Inmarsat Fleet One, please visit out online Resources library. You can also track Lisa’s progress via her website

Thanks to Koop's Pic's for the photo's of Lisa.



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