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20th July 2015

Smartphone to Satphone: Presenting the IsatHub iSavi

Satellite communications are encroaching on the consumer market with recreational users including adventurers and professionals behind the increase in demand for easy to use, compact and reliable devices to allow you to stay connected anywhere in the world. For those who require satellite connectivity when out of normal mobile networks, now you can turn your smartphone, smart device or tablet into a satcoms device using satellite hotspot devices which create a portable, satellite-based Wi-Fi network.

In response to this growing demand, leading satellite network operator Inmarsat has introduced the IsatHub service, which is accessed through the AddValue Wideye iSavi terminal. The device allows you to connect over a satellite network anywhere that you have a clear view of the sky.  Simply sync your existing smartphone or tablet to the device and use all your applications seamlessly.

Up to ten users can use the service at the same time to make calls via the dedicated circuit-switched voice line, send SMS and access high speed data services, which is where the iSavi really excels.  In comparison to other popular 'smartphone to satphone' products, the Isavi boasts extensive data capabilities. Many BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) products  on the market today offer only low speed data capabilities, however the IsatHub service was engineered on the same network as Inmarsat's premier land mobile service BGAN. Capable of reaching data speeds of up to 384kbps, it handles data applications such as email, store and forward and web browsing with ease.

An ideal solution for explorers, the IsatHub service is well suited to organisations working in remote locations such as media, NGO, government, offshore and maritime. Smaller and lighter than a laptop, the dust and splash proof iSavi terminal from AddValue comprises the Wi-Fi hotspot terminal with a range of about 100ft and a battery life of 2.5 hours in use and 8 hours on standby ensuring you are covered in emergency situations. 

Easy to set up and achieve a connection within minutes, the iSavi simply needs to establish a GPS signal to know where it is on Earth. The device then locates the Inmarsat satellites and two sets of illuminated arrows guide you in angling the antenna higher or lower, or to rotate the unit left or right. The connection is confirmed once all the arrows turn green and you now have access to communications over satellite.

The iSavi works through two accompanying apps which need to be downloaded onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device. The first ‘IsatHub Voice’ enables users to make voice calls and send SMS. The second is the ‘IsatHub Control’ app which enables you to manage and control the iSavi on an administrative level. You can monitor the strength of the signal and control the Wi-Fi network, as well viewing data and voice usage, where you can determine what access level different users have, and set limits and restrictions on usage.

At Satcom Global, our portfolio of market-leading 'Smartphone to Satphone' solutions provide reliable voice and data global communications even in the world’s most inhospitable environments. Whatever your requirements, we can work with you to advise on the ideal solution to meet your needs and ensure you stay connected with vital communications, whenever and wherever in the world you need them.

Inmarsat’s IsatHub service is now available at Satcom Global though the AddValue Wideye iSavi. JustAsk our friendly sales team for pricing and if you have any questions.


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IsatHub iSavi
Connect your smart device to the iSavi and experience seamless connectivity wherever you are in the world"