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21st October 2021

Satcom Global launches VNO Elite; VSAT bandwidth on-demand for partners, with free hardware

Please see below for a copy of our latest press release:

North Shields, UK, 21st October 2021: With the launch of VNO Elite, Satcom Global is empowering service providers to deliver high performance VSAT satellite communications services, including true bandwidth on-demand, with minimal investment and unprecedented flexibility.

An industry first, the VNO Elite solution gives partners who collaborate with Satcom Global, the chance to move away from commoditised services with rigid terms and penalties, and deliver customisable offerings that really meet the evolving needs of their customers. Service providers will be able to operate their own VSAT service with true flexibility, making changes to their customers’ bandwidth with as little as 24-hour billing increments.

To complement the extensive functionality of the VNO Elite service, Satcom Global is offering free rental of the IPSignature 4 network management box and iDirect Modem, enabling ease of adoption for every customer. Furthermore, VNO Elite is available with no commitment contracts if end-customers already have KU-band antenna onboard.

Partners will be able to access the unique communications platform offering on-demand VSAT bandwidth, and redefining the way they view, access and control their customers’ vessel and fleet satellite communications solutions to meet changing demands. With VNO Elite, service providers will have the unlimited ability to upgrade, downgrade and even suspend their end customers’ service on-demand via a dedicated and secure portal.

Ian Robinson, CEO at Satcom Global, commented:

“With VNO Elite, we have redefined the way partners purchase and manage their VSAT service. Our VNO Elite partners will have the power to adapt their offering to the needs of their end customers in a more fluid way without penalties or prohibitive lengthy contracts. We are breaking down the barriers and removing the traditional restrictions offered by our competitors, to empower our trusted and specialised network of service providers to offer a high performance VSAT service with true on-demand bandwidth.”

Following a professional onboarding process, Satcom Global partners can immediately offer the high performance and flexible maritime VSAT service straight ‘out of the box’ to their customers. Furthermore, a complete API suite is available for partners which enables seamless integration of the platform with their existing customer portals.  This ‘white label’ functionality allows partners re-brand the service with their own fully customisable web portal and support platform.

The VNO Elite one-stop management portal empowers partners to take control of the on-demand bandwidth, and also provides access to a range of useful network statistics and metrics, live vessel tracking, Ku-band coverage beams, and invoicing and management information.  Unlike existing VSAT solutions available for service providers today, VNO Elite dealers will not be penalised for lowering bandwidth or suspending their service, meaning they can pass on the flexibility and cost savings to their end customers.

A number of early adopters including Scandinavian Micro Systems are already providing the new maritime VSAT solution to their customers in the yacht market.

Scandinavian Micro Systems CEO, Oddbjorn Steinsland, said:

“VNO Elite has tremendously enhanced our capabilities to deliver a solution where we can manage and support our clients' satellite internet needs. In the superyacht market, our Charter yacht clients in particular are enjoying unparalleled flexibility and freedom which they have never had before. They can increase to a 20mbps service on-demand and then turn it back down once the charter is complete.  Scandinavian Micro Systems can now offer a wide range of custom solutions designed for the client’s benefit, not the service provider’s.”

Please visit our dedicated microsite at for more information on the extensive benefits it affords service providers.

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VNO Elite
Our VNO Elite partners will have the power to adapt their offering to the needs of their end customers in a more fluid way without penalties or prohibitive lengthy contracts. "
Ian Robinson, CEO at Satcom Global