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29th July 2021

Satcom Global launches industry first with AuraNow VSAT

Please below for a copy of our latest press release:

Satcom Global is breaking new ground with the launch of AuraNow, a maritime VSAT solution offering unprecedented flexibility, enabling simultaneous access to high performance bandwidth along with significant cost savings.

For the very first time, vessel managers and owners will be empowered to make unlimited changes to their onboard connectivity. They will have the ability to upgrade, downgrade and even suspend their service on-demand via a dedicated and secure customer portal. Unlike existing VSAT services available today, AuraNow customers will not be penalised for lowering their service plan or suspending their service.

Ian Robinson, CEO at Satcom Global, commented:

“AuraNow is a true industry first, designed to support the real needs of the communications user, rather than to capitalise on locking customers into prohibitive lengthy contracts. AuraNow is the only platform optimised to satisfy the connectivity required by the maritime community now, and long into the future. We urge all vessel managers and owners to explore the extensive benefits of AuraNow, before committing to yet another restrictive service plan.”

AuraNow meets current market challenges head on, at a time where vessels require an increasing amount of capacity to support more sophisticated digital applications, but the challenge remains to balance the communications budget. With bandwidth packages charged via daily increment, AuraNow allows customers to adjust their connectivity and spend, in line with their day to day and emerging requirements.

The unique AuraNow solution allows ship owners and IT managers to access a wide range of new applications onboard for a short period of time with minimal cost implications. Bandwidth can be upgraded at any time, at the touch of a button, to support activities such as remote audits, vessel inspections and crew training. Similarly, maritime industries that operate seasonally or on a charter basis, will have the ability to deploy communications only when they are needed, and when vessels are sailing. Vessels will no longer need to overcommit to plans or pay for bandwidth they do not consistently need.

A number of early adopters including PACC Ship and Pritchard-Gordon Tankers are already users of the new maritime VSAT solution.

AuraNow is managed by a one-stop, easy to use portal, putting customers in full control of their vessel communications. As well as the ability to make direct changes to vessel bandwidth packages, the portal also provides access to a range of useful network statistics and metrics, live vessel tracking, Ku-band coverage beams, and invoicing and management information.

AuraNow is the maritime connectivity platform that no other satellite communications provider has been able to offer, and will support the needs of the maritime market like no other solution has before.

Please visit our dedicated microsite at for more information on the extensive benefits it affords vessels across all commercial and leisure arenas.

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AuraNow Flexible VSAT
AuraNow is a true industry first ... we urge all vessel managers and owners to explore the extensive benefits of AuraNow, before committing to yet another restrictive service plan."
Ian Robinson, CEO at Satcom Global