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4th September 2018

Satcom Global highlights National Preparedness Month – are you prepared?

Hurricane season is now reaching its peak with National Preparedness Month (NPM) running throughout September in the USA,  encouraging everyone to take precautionary measures in case of natural disasters.

As everyone remembers in 2017, for the first time in more than ten years, four hurricanes hit the US in a single season. The devastation caused by these storms destroyed the infrastructure of regions and communities and impacted hugely on people’s lives and properties.

Fewer storms are predicted in 2018 but remaining complacent isn’t an option with everyone needing to be hurricane prepared for when the next big storm hits.

NPM, which is sponsored by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), encourages everyone to take precautionary measures including looking at everyday fixed and cellular communications systems.

We would advise everyone living in high risk area to consider getting prepared look at make themselves a hurricane plan.

As well as basic essentials such as food, water and a first aid kit, this plan needs to put emergency communications at your fingertips irrespective of any service overload or outages.

Having a satellite phone keeps you connected through any kind of disaster unlike landline or cellular phone systems which can often be overwhelmed, or damaged.

If you already have a phone continue your preparedness by having spare and charged batteries which have been tested, a healthy credit balance and spare SIM cards.

It’s also essential to have a handy list of key telephone numbers as well as portable chargers, including solar chargers, for all electronic devices. It is paramount to the safety of you and your family to be able to stay in touch and communicate during any emergency.

No one can control the weather, but you can control how you deal with natural disasters and, as NPM encourages,  we advise you to take precautionary measures and stay safe.


Further helpful advice and information can be found at

Satcom Global and its partners are supporting NPM and have a wide range of satellite phones available to help people stay connected. Please visit our dedicated Handheld webpage to see the satellite phones we can offer or get in touch with our team in the Americas at a[email protected] for advice or if you have any questions about acquiring or testing satellite communications equipment.

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Hurricane season
NPM encourages everyone to take precautionary measures and Satcom Global has an extensive portfolio of satellite phones and smartphone to satphone devices providing reliable voice, SMS and data services."