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20th January 2017

Satcom Global Announces Technical Support Enhancements

We are excited to announce a number of significant enhancements to our customer support function, including a new UK based technical support team and an innovative online support portal, reaffirming our commitment to world class customer support.

New UK Technical Support Team 

After listening to the requirements of our customers and in order to provide the best customer service possible, we have invested our resources in building a new and stronger customer support team based solely in the UK.

On 31st December 2016, we launched a new 24/7 technical support team operating out of our North Shields HQ, led by our Head of Technical Support, Helen Blake. Over the last few months, Helen has been busy building a solid team of technical staff with a wide range of experience and backgrounds who share the Satcom Global passion for quality customer service.

Halo – Online Support Portal

Satcom Global is also delighted to announce the launch of Halo, our brand new web-based customer support centre. Satcom Global customers requiring technical information or assistance will be able to access their personalised account and access a whole host of features to enhance their customer experience, as well as call or email for help.

Customers can log-in to the easy to use portal to register problems or issues with their satellite communications solution with the technical support team, and check the status of their query at any time until the matter is resolved. The dedicated customer support centre for all technical support needs, also contains a Knowledgebase which will offer access to a wide range of technical documents and manuals for our portfolio of satellite communications services and terminals. Also the go-to place for technical updates and product news, the dedicated news section on Halo will keep customers up to date on things such as firmware advisories and service outages.

Behind the scenes, Halo is also assisting Satcom Global teams with managing requests for support quickly and efficiently, which in turn benefits customers directly.  Halo facilitates efficient tracking, prioritisation and management of tickets, meaning that serious issues are flagged and resolved more quickly.  Customers will also benefit from proactive and personalised support thanks to the intelligent ticket categorisation and analysis of trends enabling the identification of reoccurring issues. With the addition of Satcom Global Halo to our value added services portfolio, our teams are equipped with information to provide quick and informed support via access to detailed support history.

New Technical Support Team Email Address

We'd also like to remind you that the Satcom Global Service Desk is now known as Satcom Global Technical Support. Please update your address book with the new email address below. The move aims to make routes to support clearer to customers, depending on the nature of their query. Both contactable via Halo, the following friendly and knowledgeable teams will handle all of our customers support needs spanning multiple satellite networks:


Satcom Global Technical Support

For technical troubleshooting, equipment and remote support: [email protected]


Satcom Global Airtime Customer Services

For airtime support and service provisioning requests: [email protected] or [email protected]


Satcom Global Halo

Or to access Satcom Global Halo, please visit the following site:


For more information on Halo and Satcom Global customer Support, please click here or contact Technical Support for a demo or to discuss how it can make your life easier!

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It's such an exciting time for Satcom Global and Technical Support; to have a great team of talented people, in the right place, with the right tools, to best support our customers around the world."
Helen Blake, Head of Technical Support