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3rd August 2015

Satcom Global & Inmarsat Showcase Satellite Communications for Media in Russia

Newsgathering is a global industry where operations are time-critical with journalists responsible for sharing the latest updates with the rest of the world and every second counts as stories unfold.

Satcom Global LLC Russia recently held a joint seminar with Inmarsat in Moscow, presenting the latest satellite communications solutions to Russia’s top media and broadcasting organisations.

The seminar began with an introduction to Inmarsat’s BGAN service which for many years has led the way in the media sector by providing the means to affordable live broadcasting, newsdesk, report filing and store and forward capabilities for transfer of image and audio. In addition, BGAN can provide vital data, voice and SMS connectivity for press with no access to terrestrial networks such as those operating in warzones. During the seminar guest speakers shared their first-hand experience of using BGAN in the field whilst working with the press, showcasing the different applications and benefits of the service.

As well as the more traditional photo and print journalism in remote locations, media demands continue to grow with additional requirements in the sector for higher quality live video coverage. In answer to the increasing deamands, Inmarsat’s new BGAN HDR service has revolutionized the industry enabling journalists in the field to broadcast high quality footage within minutes of arriving at the scene of a story, regardless of how remote the location might be.

BGAN HDR sets a new standard for on-demand streaming rates for broadcasting and other IP-based industry applications. With a minimum throughput of 580kbps with its full channel option, users can expect to see an average speed of 600-700kbps, reaching as high as 800kbps, to ensure consistently high-quality pictures. During the seminar Inmarsat were able to showcase the quality of the service and video footage through previously recorded live “breaking news” from field.  


In addition, the Satcom Global team in Russia also performed a live demo of the Inmarsat HDR service though the compact and portable Cobham EXPLORER 710 terminal. During the live demonstration, the team showcased the service’s high quality broadcasting capabilities, securing an average speed of 650 kbps though one channel, as well as 1.1–1.2mbps using  two terminals bonded together. This HDR bonded service is compatible with the popular Livewire application used for remote broadcasting.

EXPLORER 710 Terminal for BGAN HDR

BGAN HDR is available through your local Satcom Global office at great value for money, with asymmetric services so that you only pay for the data you need. A half-channel HDR option offers current 256kbps users a very cost-effective way to drive up video quality. If you would like to.

Following the media seminar, the team has been busy following up with companies in attendance providing further demo's of the impressive equipment.  If you would like to see the capabilities of BGAN HDR for yourself, please contact your local Satcom Global sales office to hear about planned events or to arrange a demo.

Please Just Ask if you have any question about BGAN HDR, and please look out for our upcoming media case study looking at the technology operating in a real life situation from the desert!

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