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12th March 2019

New Zealand’s Sanford Ltd install Satcom Global’s Aura VSAT

With the recent enhancements to Satcom Global Aura VSAT including the addition of new High-Throughput Satellites, we are delighted to announce that Aura is being rolled out by New Zealand’s oldest, but most forward thinking fishing company, whose operational practices are setting the bar for sustainability in the industry.

New Zealand based Sanford Ltd, a world leader in sustainable fishing practices has installed Satcom Global’s Aura VSAT service across their deep-water and inshore fleets.

Sanford is one of New Zealand’s oldest companies having fished the county’s waters for more than 150 years and today it has a fleet of 43 vessels.  Renowned for leading the way in revolutionary fishing technologies that have huge benefits for fish stocks, the environment, consumers and the New Zealand fishing industry, Aura VSAT now gives Sanford state-of-the-art communications.

Sanford is committed to providing their skippers and crew with high quality communication services to help keep them safe, enable them to fish more efficiently and to stay in touch with family and friends whilst at sea. Satcom Global’s Aura service not only allows this contact, but also provides high quality business services to assist Sanford in its goals of continuing to be world leaders in harvesting beautiful New Zealand seafood that is sustainably caught or farmed.

In partnership with New Zealand marine electronics mainstay, ATL Commercial, Satcom Global is committed to ensuring Sanford’s vessels have the very best available in communications and acoustic technologies, allowing them continued commercial success while ensuring the pristine waters of New Zealand are protected for generations to come.

Satcom Global Aura is being rolled out across Sanford’s diverse fleet of vessels for inshore and deep-water fishing, including vessels for freezing and processing at sea, meeting the fundamental requirement for a superior and reliable satellite communications system. Aura’s high-speed service, 99.5% network uptime and assured levels of bandwidth, guaranteed by a Committed Information Rate (CIR), offers crucial dependability for Sanford’s business operations at sea.

Aura VSAT is also assisting in providing seafarers with a superior quality of life onboard their vessels through an enhanced communications experience making them feel closer to home. Delivering consistent, quality bandwidth, Aura plays a significant role in ensuring high standards of crew welfare, with the optimum service performance enabling hard-working and committed crew at sea to keep in touch with friends and family at home.

Following the recent upgrade of the Aura network onto the iDirect Velocity platform, and the addition of the brand-new SES-12 High-Throughput Satellite, the rollout of Satcom Global Aura VSAT continues to gather pace with our experienced engineers carrying out installations in the four corners of the globe bringing customers for all sectors onboard. With extensive Ku-band coverage backed up by the brand-new global Iridium Certus service, Aura offers a superior maritime VSAT solution for enhancing business operations and setting new standards in crew welfare.

For more information on Satcom Global Aura VSAT please visit and please contact [email protected] with any questions.


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