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4th August 2017

New Iridium PTT plans bring increased value to remote group communications!

Iridium has launched a range of updated plans for their Iridium Push to Talk (PTT) service, offering significantly increased value for group communications on the move. The new and improved plans provide access to reduced cost PTT talkgroups, new PTT device plans and reduced cost telephony plans.

Iridium PTT is the world’s first global satellite based push-to-talk service, enabling instant and simple group communications, anywhere, at the touch of a button. The service comprises three components that work together seamlessly:

  • the Iridium PTT service delivered through the Iridium Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation
  • the Iridium PTT Command Center; the cloud-based management system where all radios and talkgroups are managed
  • the Iridium Extreme PTT handset

Like most commercial and private trunked radio service solutions, Iridium PTT uses half-duplex communication, like a walkie-talkie, where one party talks to other participants in a group who serve as listeners. The pole-to-pole coverage provided by the Iridium satellite network, as well as advanced security and features, elevates this service far above and beyond other radio solutions available today, making it ideal for large dispersed group communications such as emergency services, military units, vehicle fleets, and the oil and gas sector.

Please check out our summary below for details of the new and improved PTT plans.

Reduced charge PTT talk group’s

At centre of the Iridium PTT service is the ‘Talkgroup’. They are defined by size as shown below and can be located anywhere*.  Once up and running, individual users within the talkgroup will have access to unlimited voice communications via the PTT radio service.

  • Small Talkgroup (up to 100,000km²)
  • Medium Talkgroup (up to 300,000km²)
  • Large Talkgroup (up to 750,000km²)
  • X-Large Talkgroup (up to 1,500,000km²)
  • Jumbo Talkgroup (up to 2,250,000km²)

With the newly launched 2017 plans, both the Small and Medium size talkgroups are offered with a ZERO cost subscription, presenting the perfect route for testing the capabilities of Iridium PTT.  The service can be scaled up to larger talkgroups as and when required.

New PTT device plans

Along with the wider talkgroup subscription, each individual user must activate an Iridium 9575 PTT handset on a PTT device plan, which is available for a modest monthly fee.

There are now two device plans available for activation, with minimum contract term options of 3 and 12 months. The 12 month option offers customers a discounted rate for the longer commitment.

New reduced cost telephony for PTT

Along with the PTT radio service, users also have the option to activate regular satellite telephony on their handset, and there are now two discounted plans available for this.

The ‘Global’ telephony for PTT plan provides service access for a very small subscription charge, and the ‘North America’ telephony for PTT plan offers access to voice calling across North America** with a ZERO cost subscription. With both plans, the subscription provides discounted service access, and usage is charged at standard call rates.


With the new and improved plans available, now is the perfect time to explore Iridium PTT for your group communications.

For more information on how the PTT service works or the Iridium Extreme PTT handset you can download the product sheets from our Resource Library.

Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your communications requirements with one of our friendly account managers in more detail, please just ask.

*New 2017 PTT plans are not available in the Middle East region. **Only available in North America and requires a GeoRestricted SIM card. Request a copy of the LACs from your account manager or via justask.

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