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2nd July 2015

Double Data with ZERO Commitment with new Iridium OpenPort Promo

Satcom Global is pleased to announce the launch of a new Iridium promotion which will offer service plans that double the data and/or voice allowance on a range of popular OpenPort service packages, for no extra cost and no lengthy commitment period.

Iridium OpenPort delivers truly global broadband data and high-quality voice via one low-cost platform, through a robust maritime Pilot terminal designed to perform in the toughest of conditions.

The promotional plans available now, offer excellent value providing high volume data packages at ultra-affordable prices. An ideal solution for seasonal leisure and fishing vessels, the new plans are also a perfect fit anyone looking for flexible maritime communications on a budget.

Avoid being locked into a long term commitment on a high cost plan, facing pricing increases along the way, and speak to us today about the new excellent value promotion available to Satcom Global customers:

  • Double data or ‘voice and data’ for the same price as regular plan
  • No minimum commitment or early termination fees
  • Available based on the 75MB plan and 200MB plans
  • Available based on Combo Plans D and E, and will be known as Gold and Platinum plans
  • 128k activation speed required

The double value offer is available to both new and current Iridium OpenPort subscribers. Existing customers have the option to migrate to the new promotional plans, but if current commitment has not been fulfilled, they will be assessed with regard to any related early termination penalties.

Please visit our product pages and Resources library to find out more about the Iridium OpenPort service and Iridium Pilot hardware.

For more information about this promotion, please Just Ask, or contact your Satcom Global Account Manager directly.

Effective December 31st, 2018, the No Term Commitment - Double Value Promotion for Iridium OpenPort® has ended. Customers already enrolled will not experience any changes until the end of their term.

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