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25th April 2016

Latest News & Offers on IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Link

IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Link provide users around the world with access to reliable, high quality satellite voice services via a robust handset or fixed site terminal.  Following recent announcements from Inmarsat, we’d like to update you on upcoming changes to airtime plans and prepay vouchers, as well as the latest Satcom Global special deals. 

Ensure you don’t miss out – check out the latest below!


New Enhanced Plan Launches with Free IsatPhone 2 Handset*

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new postpay ‘Enhanced Plan’ which provides 100 inclusive minutes of talk time per month to fixed lines, mobile phones and other Inmarsat satellite phones services.

The new ‘2016 Enhanced Plan,’ comes with an IsatPhone 2 handset credit with every 24 month contract taken, basically providing customers with a FREE satellite phone when signing up to the airtime plan.

Perfect for individual users and businesses operating remotely, the offer is available for both single sim purchases and SCAP’s (Shared Corporate Allowance Schemes) which enable users to take advantage of a shared pool of inclusive minutes each month.

The existing ‘Enhanced Plan’ which provides a smaller credit towards the cost of a handset closes to new activations on 1st July 2016.


Changes to IsatPhone Prepay Voucher Portfolio

Inmarsat are also revamping their prepay voucher portfolio with a number of changes starting 1st May 2016. Please check out the table below for a full summary of what you can expect to see.


We would like to particularly highlight that the current voucher portfolio remains available until 1st July 2016 – so for regular prepay users, access to vouchers will remain available until that date.  It is important to note however, that Inmarsat has advised vouchers from the existing portfolio must be redeemed for use by 31st December in order to avoid expiry.

The final additional change to note is the launch of a new validity extension voucher, to prolong the life of existing prepay units.


IsatPhone 2 Handset Deals

If you’re looking to purchase a new satellite phone, we're confident you won't find the IsatPhone 2 handset for a better price than at Satcom Global, and we also offer additional discount for bulk purchases. We have a range of monthly subscription and casual prepay options available, meeting the requirements of a wide range of users.  Just ask if you'd like us to suggest some options that would best suit your needs.


The IsatPhone 2 satellite phone provides communications for remote users on the move, whilst IsatPhone Link provides a fixed site voice service where there is no terrestrial coverage. Check out our dedicated IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Link webpages for more details on features, benefits and hardware specifications.

Updated pricing for the new Enhanced 2016 Plan and the new voucher portfolio will be available in GlobalNet very soon. In the meantime, if you’d like any further information, please speak to your account manager to confirm pricing and they will be happy to answer any other queries you have. Don’t have an account manager? No problem – please email just ask.

*Free IsatPhone 2 handset provided in form of a handset credit which will be credited back to the customer on the airtime invoice.

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