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24th October 2018

Iridium GO! Firmware Update and Double Iridium PTT Talk Time

Iridium GO! Now Supports Short Burst Data with Firmware Update v2.1.8

Iridium has released a new firmware update enabling the Iridium GO! satellite hotspot to support Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD).

Iridium GO! has always been capable of supporting Iridium Short Burst Data as its core component is the Iridium Core 9523 Transceiver, but this new firmware release enables the Iridium GO! to be provisioned to send/receive short bursts of data via SBD. While this firmware release is not mandatory, the update is recommended as soon as possible to ensure access to Iridium SBD services for the best end-user experience.

Iridium Short Burst Data enables short and frequent data transmissions, offering an ideal communications solution for remote workers and assets, with applications such as lone worker safety, report submissions, log updates, weather updates and asset tracking. This update effectively extends the Short Burst Data capability to smart devices through third party applications.

Please note, that while the Iridium GO! supports multiple Circuit Switched Data (CSD) applications, when utilizing SBD, only one SBD application is allowed due to the provisioning and API design.

To download Iridium GO! Firmware v2.1.8 enabling the use of SBD including Release Notes and Firmware Upgrade Instructions please visit


Get Double the Talk Time with Iridium PTT

Iridium is excited to announce a new Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) settings update, which enables users to speak for up to 40 seconds while holding the PTT button, an increase of 20 seconds. The enhancement provides users double the talk time along with clear and reliable communications throughout the world.

How to get the new Talk Timer settings:

  • The new Talk Timer release is available now.
  • All new talkgroups are automatically provisioned with the new PTT Talk Timer.
  • Removing and adding devices from a talkgroup through the PTT Command Center will force the update onto PTT devices.
  • All devices will automatically be updated by November 10th, 2018.

For additional information including how to load and check the new Talk Timer is active on your Iridium device, please check out the Iridium FAQ’s here.

If you have any questions regarding firmware updates and service enhancements, please contact [email protected]

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