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20th May 2015

Iridium Announces OpenPort Pricing and Plan Migration

Satcom Global would like to advise our customers that a number of Iridium OpenPort plan migrations are due to take place 1st July 2015.

The main changes from Iridium are summarised for you below:

0MB Plan – new Subscription Charge

  • Iridium is introducing a subscription charge for all 0MB plans as of 1st July for both new and existing customers.
  • Customers currently activated on a 2013 0MB plan will be migrated to the new 2015 0MB plan which will include a $50 monthly subscription fee.
  • This plan will only be available with a 128k speed going forward, providing better quality of service but incurring a small increase on the per MB rate, for those previously experiencing 32k and 64k speeds.

10MB Plan 2010 Speed Migrations

  • Any customer who activated on a 2010 10MB plan (pre December 2013) will also have their plan migrated to the equivalent 2013 10MB plan on 1st July.  All data speeds will remain the same except the discontinued 9.6k speed plan, which will become 32k speed.
  • Pricing will be adjusted accordingly to reflect that of the 10MB plans introduced at the end of 2013.

Voice Plan Migration – more minutes!

Any customer with data plans migrating as described above (0MB and 10MB) will also have any associated 2010 Voice plans migrated to the 2013 equivalent on 1st July.

  • 100 mins becomes 120 mins
  • 200 mins becomes 240 mins
  • 300 mins becomes 360 mins
  • 500 mins becomes 600 mins
  • 1000 mins becomes 1200 mins

We are pleased to inform all our valued customers that although the number of minutes per plan will increase with the migration, in most cases voice rates will decrease.

We will be in touch with customers to advise of new rates applicable as of 1st July 2015, but in the meantime, if you would like to discuss any changes mentioned above, or are interested in looking at an allowance based plan which would offer increased value, please contact your Satcom Global Account Manager or our friendly team in your region.

Iridium Pilot can also act as a key maritime broadband component in a wider VSAT solution, so please Just Ask if you would like to speak to our sales team to find a solution that fits your needs.



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