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27th June 2019

Inmarsat Fleet One now delivering speeds of 150kbps

We are excited to share that Inmarsat has announced an increase in Fleet One maximum data speeds to 150kbps, from the previous top speed of 100kbps, delivering a boost in performance for users.

Fleet One brings cost effective satellite communications to small vessels including yachts and fishing vessels, enabling users to access voice and data services for both business and personal use.  Those onboard can use the newly enhanced data service to access online applications such as weather forecasts and chart updates, keep in contact with people back onshore via online chat and email, or simply use the internet for checking the news at sea.  Small, lightweight and economical equipment along with flexible regional or global price plans provide users with access to reliable voice and data communications so they can stay connected without having to worry about cellular coverage or network roaming charges once they sail away from shore.

Any customers newly activating Fleet One packages will automatically access the new data speeds thanks to a system upgrade performed by Satcom Global behind the scenes.

*Update: Existing customers already using the service now have access to the higher speeds following an additional system upgrade facilitated by Inmarsat and the Satcom Global product development team.

FB150 End of Sale

Concurrently with the increase in speed of the Fleet One service, Inmarsat has also announced the End of Sale of the FleetBroadband 150 terminal, the smaller of their flagship FleetBroadband maritime broadband solutions, which has been adopted by many small vessels over recent years. Although no longer or sale, FB150 terminals will continue to operate with existing guarantees continuing, and the other FB250 and FB500 FleetBroadband terminals from Intellian, Cobham Satcom and AddValue Technologies will continue to be available for sale.

Maritime solutions for small vessels

For small vessels that have been considering the FB150 as a communications solution, Fleet One could provide a suitable alternative for modest data users, especially following the recently announced performance boost. In addition, Satcom Global has a range of maritime communications solutions available, including the brand new Iridium Certus service, which although small in form factor, delivers high performance broadband communications with speeds up to 704kbps. Iridium Certus officially launched in January this year, following completion of the cutting edge Iridium NEXT satellite constellation which delivers the new service.

You can read more about Fleet One or the other maritime services available from Satcom Global on our dedicated webpages, or check out our full maritime portfolio in our Resources library. Alternatively our friendly sales team in your region would be happy to help talk you through the options available to best suit your needs:

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