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28th September 2016

Inmarsat Fleet One – Is the Coastal or Global Service right for you?

In 2015, Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal entered the maritime market offering data and voice for smaller leisure and fishing vessels operating closer to shore. The service was ideal for seasonal fishermen with modest data requirements thanks to its short-term commitment plans and cost efficient data services in popular fishing regions.

This year Inmarsat launched Fleet One Global as part of the Fleet One range, so we wanted to give our maritime customers a rundown of the small maritime terminal portfolio and highlight the differences between the service plans to ensure you implement the ideal solution for your needs.

Fleet One offers speeds of up to 100kbps with email and eFax, as well as SMS and the option to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) through a wireless router, allowing crew to access these communications services through their own smart devices such as iPhones, Androids and tablets. In addition, the global voice services offered by Fleet One include a single voice line, which can be used simultaneously with the data connection, as well as 505 emergency calling to ensure the safety of those onboard. The service operates on Inmarsat’s I-4 satellites which are tested and proven by commercial mariners, offering the reassurance of a trusted global commercial satellite network. 

Fleet One Coastal

Fleet One Coastal was developed specifically to support the communications requirements of small vessels* such as fishing boats or pleasure yachts.   

Fleet One Coastal delivers coastal data and global voice services through a compact antenna, ideal for seasonal users with its three month commitment plan. 
Designed to meet the specific operational requirements of near-shore fishermen, Fleet One Coastal users benefit from data speeds of 100kbps in key coastal areas as indicated on the coverage map below. 

Available in 3 post-paid pricing plans; Entry – 10MB & 30 minutes, Mid – 25MB & 60 minutes, and High – 50MB & 120 minutes, Fleet One is also available with prepay vouchers from 50-5000 units, offering new levels of flexibility for the fishing industry.
With Fleet One Coastal, fisherman can now enjoy low-cost calls and access emails to keep in touch with other fishing vessels to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as those at home to boost moral onboard. 

*Note the Fleet One Coastal plan is only available for activation with fishing vessels, pleasure yachts and other small vessels under 500 GRT.

Fleet One Global

Introduced in June 2016, Fleet One Global built on the popular  small vessel communications proposition by extending the availability of the data service globally.

The new Fleet One Global monthly plan gives inclusive access to bundled voice and data on a global scale so that no matter where the vessel travels, they can access data at speeds of 100kbps. In addition, like the Coastal plans, pre-pay voucher options are available from 50-5000 units.

An additional benefit of the Global service plan is there are no restrictions on vessel size or type. Fleet One Global can therefore also be used for larger vessels of a more commercial nature, travelling globally with modest data needs. The one month minimum commitment also meets the increasing demands for flexibility from these seasonal seafarers looking to increase their operational efficiency and crew welfare.

For more information on the Fleet One services above, please take a look at our Fleet One Service Comparison or download our product sheets in the Resources library

If you have any questions about our maritime portfolio please Just Ask and we would be happy to help advise which solution would best suit the needs of your fleet.



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