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17th August 2017

Increase your business efficiency on-board with Aura VSAT

For most businesses operating in the maritime sector, increasing business efficiency whilst reducing costs is an attractive proposition, which is leading to the increase in VSAT installations around the world, with Ship Insight predicting that VSAT installations could double over the next 5 years.

Ship Management companies are always looking for ways to maximise their investment in a new satellite communication system, and with Satcom Global's Aura VSAT, our customers are seeing the unlimited data available for a fixed cost with predictable invoicing as a huge benefit. Aura’s Committed Information Rate means they are seeing a clear and positive impact on business operations on-board, as well as greater communication between the ship and shore. By installing Satcom Global Aura, the team on-board can access unlimited high-speed data with a range of guaranteed bandwidth options, ensuring that there's more than enough capacity to meet vessel demands for connectivity on a business level.

There are a wide range of business uses for the services delivered to a vessel at sea with an Aura Ku-Band VSAT system such as:

  • The dedicated bandwidth which provides the ability to better manage vessels remotely, enables remote administration of vessel PC's and software versions or status from shore, and takes the task away from the team onboard whose attention may be better served elsewhere for day to day ship operations.
  • The reliable and always-on data connection enables real time data transfer and communications between vessel and shore, so businesses can benefit from real-time chat between different locations, relaying important messages in a split second to ensure time is used efficiently on-board.
  • The guaranteed data speeds (CIR) ensure that businesses can make full use of facilities requiring an uninterrupted data connection and large data consumption such as streaming for video conferencing and Telemedicine.
  • The unlimited data means it is also possible to download data heavy content onto vessels such as training information and FTP files, whilst secure in the knowledge that you won’t be faced with a huge one-off bill.
  • Finally, Satcom Global Aura offers the shore team greater visibility of assets and vessel performance through the increased bandwidth. On shore teams can use remote access to facilitate real time monitoring of the vessel, and the automatic M2M connection and data transmission from ship to shore pings short programmed messages to the team on land such as the speed and location of the vessel.


To discuss your requirements and options in more detail, please contact your local Satcom Global team: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]   

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