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22nd November 2017

Essential systems for safety and security on offshore platforms

Offshore oil and gas platforms have improved their safety and security considerably over the years following a sequence of disasters from Piper Alpha to Deepwater Horizon, but continue to face challenges today with the nature of the business as infrastructure ages and greater efficiency is chased. There are many systems that contribute to the day to day running of the platform, ensuring safety of those on-board, increased business efficiency and improving crew welfare of the long term remote workforce.

Founded on the banks of the River Tyne in the UK in 1973, originally as AND Group, Satcom Global has a proud maritime heritage having served the offshore community for many years with large scale projects for leading companies such as AMECFW, ENI, EnQuest, Ensco Services, Transocean Offshore, Stena Drilling, Maersk Oil North Sea, Prosafe Offshore and Rowan Drilling. We now have a presence in many of the world’s largest and busiest ports, and bring our experience and expertise to every opportunity we undertake, keeping the specific needs of our customers at the forefront of our minds.

There are a number of systems that are essential to operations on today’s oil rigs and remote platforms. Here is our run down of those essential systems, as well as a mention of the manufacturers and partners we trust to deliver tried and tested equipment that meet the needs of our valued customers.

Fire and Gas Detection Systems

The introduction of new technologies and the increased use of mobile phones, is said to have brought new challenges to fire safety in marine and offshore environments, so our reliable detection equipment meets industry standards and requirements, and contributes to maximising safety for all involved. Vital equipment includes intelligent fire and gas detection systems with sensors and alarms, and integrated safety and emergency management systems, to ensure full control and visibility, giving a head start in case of an emergency situation developing.

Working closely with leading manufacturer Autronica Fire and Security, we offer a range of interactive and integrated fire and gas detection systems suitable for small to medium maritime applications, as well as large and complex oil rigs and other offshore installations. In the event of a fire related emergency, offshore workers can rely on our water mist, gaseous and foam based fire suppression systems to handle the situation effectively and protect valuable areas such as accommodation, engine rooms and machinery spaces.

Public Address and General Alarm Systems (PAGA)

In an industrial setting with noisy operations around the clock such as machinery, pumping, drilling and construction, Public Address and General Alarm systems are a vital mode of mass communication for safety. Enabling operators to efficiently address everyone on-board busy and noisy offshore platforms at the same time, many of the robust and resilient systems we supply are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, hazardous areas and sensitive environments.

In addition, an intercom system is ideal for use in loud environments, through secure glass partitions, or in emergency situations, maximising the effectiveness of a security system and on-board safety.

Working closely with leading manufacturers Bosch Security, Zenitel and Industronic, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of Public Address General Alarm (PA/GA) and Intercom Systems for application in offshore, oil and gas, maritime and other industrial environments.


Closed-Circuit Television has a wide range of uses onboard offshore platforms from workforce safety, to machine monitoring and as an anti-piracy deterrent. As a monitoring system, observe pumping and control rooms with our state-of-the-art IP or analogue video surveillance systems. Keep an eye on all areas with marine cameras, designed with a robust and durable casing, ensuring equipment is protected from environmental corrosion, UV radiation damage, water jets and even bullets as an anti-piracy measure. Furthermore, explosion proof cameras ensure that surveillance in hazardous oil and gas or chemical process environments takes place seamlessly and safely.

Working with leading manufacturers Bosch Security Systems, Orlaco and Synectics, our portfolio of CCTV and security surveillance systems, puts you in the picture at all times. Furthermore, our team of experts are on hand to advise on the integration of all systems for applications and projects in marine, offshore and industrial environments, contributing to the security and safety of people and premises.

Satellite Communications Systems

Working in the marine industry for over 40 years, Satcom Global were one of the first certified distributors of early satellite communication technologies including Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Iridium OpenPort, but as the maritime industry has evolved and the needs of seafarers have developed, we have made it our mission stand out from the crowd.

Not just your regular satellite communications reseller, we have recently launched Satcom Global Aura VSAT, our in house developed high-speed always on Ku-band communications service, ideal for offshore platforms in remote locations, and have also managed projects delivering C-Band VSAT communications.

Our varied portfolio of satellite communications services along with our services as marine engineers, an accounting authority, value added services developer, vessel IT support specialists, enables us to tailor solutions for the needs of our valued customers to increase business efficiency and improve crew welfare on-board.

Internal and Emergency Communications Systems

In the most hazardous and volatile environments where a simple electrical spark from a mobile phone could cause much larger issues and even lead to disaster, having the facilities and equipment to communicate safely is crucial.

Our range of robust, impact resistant and shockproof housed telephones supplied by industry leaders FHF Fernsig, are specifically designed for use in areas with high air humidity and explosive atmospheres. The brightly coloured fixed telephone systems are easy to identify in the event of an emergency where telephone communications are crucial, even in poor weather and light conditions, keeping you connected safely, in explosive environments and extreme weather.

Radio Communications Systems

As there are many different personnel, jobs and communications requirements on-board offshore platforms, communication systems come in many shapes and sizes, providing a crucial life line for the workforce as well as contributing to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

One of the key cost and time saving communications solutions is two-way radio and radiotelephones, which we recommend from trusted brands such as Motorola, Furuno, SAILOR and Tait Radio. Two-way radios efficiently utilise shortwave radio frequencies including VHF and MF/HF to facilitate general and distress communications through robust and easy to use electronic units.

In addition, Furuno also offers Weather Fax and Navtex (Navigational Telex) systems suitable for offshore platforms, which provide meteorological warnings and forecasts, providing key information on the environmental conditions approaching.

Our Project History

To check out some of our past work, where we have supplied a range of integrated systems to the offshore oil and gas industry, please visit our Offshore Projects page  

To speak to us about any marine or offshore system discussed in this article, as well as integration into your current infrastructure, please contact [email protected]

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Satcom Global has managed large scale projects for leading companies such as AMECFW, ENI, EnQuest, Ensco Services, Transocean Offshore, Stena Drilling, Maersk Oil North Sea, Prosafe Offshore and Rowan Drilling."