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20th July 2017

BGAN Your Way: Which BGAN service is for you?

BGAN is Inmarsat’s market leading satellite communications service for remote based land users. Since it launched in 2005, services have developed in a number of ways to meet the differing budgets, requirements and usage patterns of end users across diverse sectors and geographies, based where terrestrial and mobile networks aren’t available.

Selecting a service today can be confusing with the wide choice available, so with BGAN Your Way, Satcom Global aims to showcase the range of BGAN services available, whilst highlighting key features and differences that can help customers select the best service for them.

To help navigate the key features and differences of the BGAN services on offer, we have created a BGAN Your Way service comparison chart which describes the services in detail, highlighting who they are suited to.

Click here to download the comparison chart.

To complement the comparison chart and give further assistance to picking the ‘right’ BGAN service, we have also created an interactive flow chart which guides the customer through a series of questions about communications requirements, leading to suggested options.

Click here to download the flow chart.

We hope you find our new BGAN Your Way materials useful. You can also read more about BGAN services below in our BGAN Your Way service roundup.


BGAN Service Roundup


BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) is Inmarsat’s flagship service and is ideal for users needing reliable communications on the move. BGAN is available in a wide variety of service plans, with global and geographic money bundle options available.  Due to its priority status on the Inmarsat network, BGAN is our recommendation for mission critical applications.

BGAN Standard +

BGAN Standard + is the new flexible tiered data plan designed to support variable usage, which is typical of many BGAN users. It has a low cost fixed monthly base subscription, followed by access to additional bands of data which are only charged when needed. Users can combine periods of low use with bursts of high use when a project or incident demands it, accessing cheaper per MB rates without having to change plans.


BGAN SCAPs (Shared Corporate Allowance Plans) offer all the benefits of regular BGAN, but can also be shared across a group of users. Offering one bundle of data with multiple SIMs (from 10 up to 250), they are ideal for companies with multiple satcom users who can benefit from sharing a subscription. SCAPs specifically for use in China and for Humanitarian needs are also available.


BGAN Link is a fixed location service for users requiring high volumes of data in one permanent location. With unlimited data packages available, BGAN Link is an ideal primary communications solution for remote operations as well as a popular back-up service for VSAT. Subscription packages available include Global AYCE plans as well as special geographic rates for certain regions. Inmarsat has also recently launched two plans for use in Sub Saharan Africa; the AYCE mobility plan (where users can move around) and the Media Link plan which includes inclusive streaming and a MB allowance.


BGAN HDR (High Data Rate) is Inmarsat’s high speed streaming service which meets the demands of media companies who require broadcast quality communications whilst on the move. HDR guaranteed data rate streaming is available on a per minute basis and can be used alongside other BGAN plans for regular data services.

BGAN Hardware Options

BGAN services are accessed via a wide range of terminals. There are compact and portable options such as the Wideye Sabre 1 and the EXPLORER 510 which are small enough to fit in a backpack, through to options for vehicular mounting such as the EXPLORER 325, EXPLORER 727 and the Wideye Safari. For BGAN HDR services, users must use a HDR enabled terminal such as the EXPLORER 710 HDR and the Hughes 9211 HDR for the additional functionality.


We hope our BGAN Your Way service summary, comparison and flow chart help to explain the BGAN options available to you. There are also a wide range of BGAN terminal product sheets available to explore in our Resource Library. If you’d prefer to talk through your options in person however, our regional sales teams will be very happy to assist you.

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