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31st March 2016

BGAN Plan Update: Bonded HDR Discount, Geographic Money Bundles & New Prepay Vouchers

Satcom Global would like to update customers and partners on recent announcements made by Inmarsat on their flagship BGAN land mobile service. BGAN provides simultaneous voice and broadband data, and is the service of choice for many people working in remote areas that have little or no terrestrial connectivity.

See below for a run through of the latest changes to postpay airtime plans, prepay vouchers and streaming services.


BGAN Geographic Plans

BGAN Geographic plans have been re-confirmed by Inmarsat as ‘money bundles.’ Adjusting the geographic plans to become money bundles makes the plans more flexible, with ‘in bundle’ monetary allowances available for use across a wider range of data and voice services than before.

BGAN Geographic plans enable users to take advantage of special geographic pricing for use of a mobile BGAN service when used within specific locations including China, Africa and South America.  Contact your account manager for more information on Geographic plans and where they can be used.


BGAN Prepaid Vouchers

Inmarsat are launching a new range of prepaid vouchers from 1st April, with changes to unit amounts, pricing and validity. The new vouchers available to purchase from 1st April include:


The existing BGAN voucher portfolio will remain available for purchase until the end of May. Please note that all existing unredeemed vouchers will become invalid as of 31st December following the introduction of the new vouchers shown above. GlobalNet will be updated with new voucher prices in due course, but in the meantime, please speak to your account manager should you require any more details.


BGAN HDR Bonded Streaming Discount*

The BGAN HDR (High Data Rate) streaming service revolutionized backpack broadcasting when it launched back in 2014 providing data speeds of up to 650kbps full channel.

By bonding (or combining) HDR services, throughput can be doubled, providing typical users such as broadcasters with access to a streaming service to rival bulky Ku Band VSAT solutions.

Satcom Global are able to provide customers with up to 25% discount off BGAN HDR bonded streaming services, where two full channel HDR sessions are bonded. To bond terminals, and qualify for the bonded service offer, the following rules apply;

  • Two HDR-enabled BGAN Terminals are required, such as the Cobham EXPLORER 710 or the Hughes 9211-HDR
  • The HDR calls must be made by SIMs from within the same BGAN SCAP (Shared Corporate Allowance Plan)
  • Only full channel HDR is eligible for the discount
  • The HDR calls must be made from the same location and GPS will verify this
  • Only the overlapping portion of the bonded calls will be discounted

To find out more about BGAN HDR or the other BGAN services mentioned above check out the info available in our resources section, or please contact your friendly sales office in your region.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to change without notice.

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