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14th April 2016

Discontinuation of AutroSafe 3 Spare Parts announced by Autronica

Satcom Global would like to advise valued customers that Autronica Fire and Security has announced a discontinuation of spare parts for the AutroSafe 3 Interactive Fire Detection System.


The AutroSafe 3 system was discontinued in 2012 and unfortunately sub-suppliers are no longer able to supply necessary components to support the systems any longer.  To avoid issue with non-availability of spare parts should a problem with AutroSafe 3 arise, we urge customers to consider an upgrade to AutroSafe 4.


Stand Alone Systems

For individual systems, standalone panels can easily be upgraded to AutroSafe 4 by simply replacing the AutroSafe 3 panel front. Existing cabinets and power supplies can continue to be used, keeping installation costs to a minimum. A kit is available from Satcom Global including all necessary equipment for upgrading from AutroSafe 3 to AutroSafe 4 – just ask about item number: 116-KIT-ASAFE3-UPGRADE. 


Networked Systems

Networked AutroSafe 3 products will still have some access to spare part panels, although systems requiring expansion will need to be upgraded to AutroSafe 4. Satcom Global can provide converters (fiber converters and DSL modems) to facilitate the upgrade from AutroSafe 3’s AUTROLON network to AutroSafe 4’s ethernet-based LAN, AutroNet. Our in-house engineering team can support any necessary installation and upgrade work required for networked systems.


Please contact our marine sales team today for more information on upgrading your fire detection system or to discuss any other fire detection requirements or concerns you may have.

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