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1st December 2021

AuraNow VSAT: Trial new data heavy applications at sea without committing to a long-term bandwidth increase

Ship managers and captains are under pressure to implement new data applications to improve operational efficiency and keep crew welfare at the forefront, getting more from their satellite data. With traditionally restrictive VSAT solutions comes challenges, as demand for onboard connectivity continues to grow, yet corporate spending is scrutinized and, in some cases, operational costs require trimming.

Trialling new applications requiring additional data capacity, can have an unknown impact on your WAN/VSAT network performance, and current application efficiency may be unclear or difficult to forecast. The temptation for ship managers and IT teams, may be to contract to a higher CIR than required, which could be costly and lead to unnecessarily heightened monthly expenditure for a prolonged period of time. With these prohibitive contracts, vessels may also get penalised even if they have the ability to decrease their bandwidth in the event that they have excess capacity they do not need to use and are looking to save money.

With Satcom Global AuraNow, ship managers and vessel owners are offered a solution bringing flexibility and cost savings they can't afford to ignore. Whether championing new technologies, or under pressure to implement new commercial applications such as: video monitoring and conferencing, fuel monitoring, IOT, remote vessel audits and network security programmes, with the bandwidth changes available at their fingertips, increased efficiency and decreased costs are a reality.

The AuraNow no commitment, no penalty solution, gives customers access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • The chance to simply upgrade your bandwidth package for a minimum of 24 hours, for as long as you need, to test a new application.
  • Enjoy enhanced speeds temporarily, to measure the impact of new applications on day-to-day operations and ensure optimum capacity.
  • With flexible bandwidth and no minimum contract term, do not commit to unnecessarily high speed and costly VSAT packages long term.
  • Suspend or downgrade your bandwidth whenever you need, without penalty to save money.
  • Use the AuraNow customer portal to take control of your VSAT communications, eliminating waiting time and accessing true bandwidth on-demand.

AuraNow is delivered by Intellian’s NX Series and C700 terminals. The NX series is the most innovative and futureproof Ku-band VSAT solution on the market, empowering connectivity for our customers across the globe. Complementing this is the C700, a reliable L-band companion, delivering seamless back-up communications through the global Iridium Certus service.

Click here to visit our website and find more about how AuraNow VSAT can help you streamline your organisation's communications costs.

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Testing new applications with AuraNow