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18th January 2017

Are you prepared for the new SOLAS Fire Fighter Regulations?

Next year, new SOLAS regulations come into force for vessel Fire Fighter Communications. Although seemingly a long way off, demand for two-way radios is set to soar, so we are encouraging ship owners to prepare early to ensure compliance without any complications.

The new SOLAS regulations (10.10.4) require all ships built after 1st July 2014 to carry a minimum of two explosion proof or intrinsically safe radios for each fire party on-board the vessel, for fire fighter communications.  Vessels built prior to 1st July 2014 must meet the regulations by their 1st radio survey after 1st July 2018.

A white paper released by leading manufacturer Cobham SATCOM, has identified that demand for compliant two-way radios may reach 300,000, taking into account the 65,000  SOLAS covered vessels built before 1st July 2014 which will require varying numbers of radios. With additional demand for non-SOLAS vessels expected on a voluntary basis too, we are recommending that ship managers and owners look to meet the new safety requirements sooner rather than later, to avoid a situation where huge demand for orders could outstrip the supply available for immediate delivery. We want to support our customers to ensure that they do not experience a worst case scenario with their vessel being detained if they do not have their radio compliance in check and meet safety requirements.

There are a range of UHF and VHF portable radios available on the market that meet the new regulation requirements. The SAILOR 3965 UHF Fire Fighter portable radio from Cobham has been specifically designed to enable ship owners to meet the new SOLAS requirements. It is the only maritime radio system to accommodate spare emergency battery packs as standard. The additional ATEX approved spare batteries can provide an additional level of security during an emergency situation.

Entel also offer a comprehensive range of marine VHF and UHF intrinsically safe portable radios which comply with the SOLAS regulations, such as the HT900, HT800 and HT500 ranges. As a major supplier of ATEX approved fire fighter radios, Entel also have a wide range of supporting equipment and accessories available.

In addition, both ICOM and Motorola have robust and compliant handheld radios available that meet the requirements of the new regulations. ATEX approved equipment from ICOM includes the IC-F51ATEX series and the IC-F3202DEX ATEX digital series.

Our marine sales team is on hand to give you more information on the different radio options available and advise on what would best suit your needs and budget.

If you would like more information on what the new regulations mean for your business or vessels, and would like to discuss radio options, please contact [email protected]

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SAILOR 3965 Fire Fighter Radio
Ships built prior to July 2014 must carry a minimum of two explosion proof or intrinsically safe radios for each fire party on-board each vessel by the date of their 1st radio survey following 1st July 2018."