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13th July 2016

Anti-virus is key for cyber security on-board

As maritime users increase their data consumption with the 21st century connect anywhere at any time culture, vessel network security is becoming ever more important as ships face a wider threat of cyber-attack and viruses.  In addition, as maritime companies automate more and more processes, security gaps also increase, begging the question, what can be done to mitigate cyber risk?

One of the most important challenges facing the IT teams in maritime industry today is breaches in system security resulting in the loss of sensitive data, precious time and company financial resources.  To help minimise the risks, Satcom Global recommend the latest best practices and technologies used to reduce the risks of a cyber security breach,  as advised by BIMCO, the international shipping association. These best practises and procedural controls include;

  • Personnel training to raise awareness of the potential threats
  • Implementing a system of administrator privileges to reduce the security risks posed by lesser trained staff
  • Introducing a policy for physical and removable media devices to help reduce the risk of malware exposure
  • Enforce an equipment disposal and data destruction programme to protect sensitive and commercial data
  • Maintaining and upgrading protective software such as Anti-Virus and Malware to ensure security measures reflect the sophistication of the latest threats

You can download the full BIMCO guidelines for cyber security here.

Satcom Global’s bespoke anti-virus solution provides reliable protection for on-board infrastructure, whilst minimising the amount of valuable data required keeping anti-virus fully up to date. Our anti-virus solution is based on the trusted and award winning ESET NOD 32 antivirus software to guard vulnerable entry points, provide proactive response to threats and quick on-demand scanning. The lightweight yet powerful solution is quick and easy to set up, and then managed remotely by our technical team allowing you to get on with day to day operations, without worry.

ESET NOD 32 Nano Solution offers customers continuous high protection following the initial update, with weekly Nano updates ensuring vessels are one step ahead of the latest threats. Updates are sent via AFT to a dedicated folder on the main communications PC, which will then be configured to share the updates with all machines on board the vessel.

The solution is suitable for a wide range of maritime users, including those with modest data communication bundles, as our Nano updates average approximately 400kb per week which is much smaller than the traditional updates required for anti-virus software. If required, we can even pause an update for a week until a monthly data allowance is reset. Please check out our full product sheet on our online Resources library for further information.

If you have any questions about Satcom Global’s ESET NOD 32 Nano Solution or would like to enquire about pricing or our other Value Added Services for maritime satellite communications, please Just Ask or contact your Satcom Global Account Manager today.

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