Public Address and General Alarm Systems

Satcom Global boasts a comprehensive portfolio of Public Address,  General Alarm (PAGA) and Intercom Systems for application in offshore, oil and gas, maritime and other industrial environments. We work closely with leading manufacturers Bosch Security, Zenitel and Industronic in order to provide proven solutions to our customers.

An important mode of communication for safety in an industrial setting, PAGA systems enable operators to efficiently address everyone on-board noisy vessels and offshore platforms at the same time. Many of the robust and resilient systems are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, hazardous areas and sensitive environments.

Maximise on-board safety and security system effectiveness with our range of intercom systems which are ideal for use in loud environments, through security glass partitions, or in emergency situations. 

For further information about PAGA and intercom systems and which models our marine experts would recommend for your vessel, site or installation, please contact [email protected]

Public Address and General Alarm Systems

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