IsatData Pro

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IsatData Pro is a global two-way short message service for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Operating in near real-time anywhere in the world, the service offers a low data rate service ideal for remote management of fixed assets including tracking and telemetry.

With burst-mode communication and a gateway for store-and-forward messaging, IsatData Pro also offers a convenient web-based portal for adjusting settings.

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  • Send 6,400 bytes data
  • Receive 10,000 bytes data
  • Low latency – 15-60 seconds
  • Suitable for mission critical applications
  • Track and monitor fixed asset
  • Provides increased visibility of assets
  • Increases efficiency, safety and security
  • Global coverage, except extreme Polar Regions
  • Sky Wave IDP 600 Series
  • Sky Wave IDP 700 Series
  • Sky Wave IDP 800 Series

For further information about IsatData Pro, please download the FleetBroadband product sheet from our Resources page

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