Intellian FB250

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Intellian FB250 enables the opportunity to enter the broadband arena providing all the required functionalities for large commercial vessel systems.

With increased functionality and frequency of use, users can be confident that the rugged and reliable design engineered for professional use means it will take on any harsh marine environment.

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  • Broadband Data up to 284kbps
  • Streaming Data up to 128kbps
  • Enhanced voice services
  • SMS, Group 3 Fax
  • LAN interface, IP Handset interface and single-user and multi-user router features
  • Easy installation with compact lightweight antenna
  • Wi-Fi
  • Intellian global service network
  • Global Coverage except the extreme Poles
  • Broadband Data - < 284kbps
  • Streaming Data - <128kbps
  • ADU Dimensions – 430 x 440 (mm)
  • ADU Weight – 4.2kg
  • BDU Dimensions – 365 x 250 x 60 (mm)
  • BDU Weight – 3.9kg
  • Operating Temperature -  -25°C to +55°C            
  • Durability – IPX6 (protected against heavy seas)

For more information, please download our Intellian FB250 product sheet from our Resources page

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