FHF Signalling Devices

Signalling Devices

FHF’s range of robust and reliable telephones for use in hazardous and industrial environments now boast additional capabilities when paired with a range of own brand signalling devices.

FHF’s portfolio of complementary signalling accessories include acoustic signalling devices such as hooters, buzzers, loudspeakers, horns, sirens and sounders, providing audio warnings to the workforce. In addition, optical signalling devices such as strobe lights, rotating beacons, blinking lights, traffic lights, LED lights, obstruction lights and signalling stack lights, can provide a reliable visual warning system.

FHF also provide Opt.-Acoust Signalling devices, which combine signal lamps or strobe lights with mini hooters or sounders to create the ultimate audio-visual signalling system for added safety and security.

For a full list of FHF signalling devices available at Satcom Global please click here, or alternatively, to discuss your requirements, please contact marinesystems@satcomglobal

Acoustic Signalling Devices

  • Signalling Bells
  • Signalling Hooters
  • Electronic Buzzer
  • Motor Sirens
  • Electronic Sounder
  • Pneumatic Horn
  • Loudspeakers

Optical Signalling Devices

  • Strobe Lights
  • Rotating Beacons
  • Blinking Lights
  • Continuous Lights /Traffic Lights
  • Multicolour LED´s
  • LED Lights / LED traffic lights
  • Obstruction Lights
  • Signalling Stack Lights


Opt.-Acoust. Signalling Devices

  • Sounder-Strobe-Combination

Accessories Signalling Devices

  • Accessories for dSLB20(LED), dEV20, Expertline


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