Shot Blasting and Surface Maintenance Training

In conjunction with our expert partner SBAS Training, Satcom Global can provide access to the very best bespoke shot blasting and airless spray painting training both at SBAS training centres and at your workplace, whether it be on vessel or onshore. We have the expertise to provide the highest level of operator training, empowering you to manage your vital onboard maintenance in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Particularly beneficial for bulk carriers, container ships and chemical carriers, developing your own in-house capability to carry out shot blasting and airless spraying techniques, allows you to maintain decks, hatch covers, tanks, holds, scupper pipes and accommodation housing.

Benefits of in-house short blasting and surface maintenance include:

  • Lower cost and longer lasting maintenance
  • Utilising existing staff is cost effective and increases skill set of crew
  • Simple management and implementation following on board training
  • Improved aesthetic and presentation of vessel
  • Well maintained vessels provide a good impression to shore inspectors
  • Increase in crew morale due to well cared for work environment

During the training you can be assured that all environmental standards are met, and advisories on reliable equipment and quality abrasives are provided to produce the best results.

For more info on surface maintenance and shot blasting training, please email [email protected]

Shot blasting and surface maintenance