Beam Oceana 800

Beam Oceana 800

The Oceana 800 from Beam Communications provides reliable satellite communications through any standard Inmarsat GSPS, IsatPhone Link or FleetPhone SIM card and has the ability to support multiple users. This simple all-in-one fixed terminal is an ideal communications solution providing voice, low speed data and SMS services to land based users and the maritime sector from commercial shipping to fishing, leisure and government vessels.

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  • Utilises external corded, cordless phones or existing PBX for access
  • Enhanced voice services
  • 2.4kbps circuit-switched data for simple emails and small attachments
  • SMS
  • Multi-user – up to 5 phones
  • USB data capability
  • Marine grade antenna and IP53 rated BDU
  • Built-in easy to use handset
  • 505 emergency calling facility
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Built-in GPS receiver for instant tracking functionality.
  • Global coverage except extreme Polar Regions.
  • Circuit-switched data service- < 2.4kbps
  • Dimensions – 241 x 185 x 93 (mm)
  • Weight – 1.27kg
  • Operating Temperature -  -20°C to +55°C     
  • Durability – IP54 (water and dust proof)

For more information, please download our Beam Oceana 800 product sheet from our Resources page

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